Benefits of Dental Implants in Boulder City

A+ Dental Group Boulder City dental implantsIf you need a tooth replaced, you have probably considered all kinds of options. While there are many different choices, dental implants placed by an oral surgeon are by far the best. Knowing some of the benefits of implants can help you make the right decision for your health and your smile. 

Last a Lifetime

Implants are meant to last just as long as your other teeth, which makes them a great low-maintenance option. Dentures and bridges require replacement and care that goes beyond your regular brushing and flossing routine. With implants, you can get them put in and be confident that they will last for years. 

Feel Like Natural Teeth

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of tooth implants is that they feel and behave just like your other natural teeth. You can chew with them and brush them like normal. This makes them a great choice for people who want the best long-term experience possible with their implants. 

Prevent Gum Disease

A tooth gap or a space that isn’t properly covered with a bridge can quickly become a trap for food and bacteria. This leads to all kinds of issues like gum disease and further tooth loss. Dental implants fill the gap completely and prevent these kinds of issues in the future.

Need Dental Implants in Boulder City?

At A+ Dental Group, our team includes a dentist who specializes in tooth implants. As a full-service dental practice committed to your oral health, our skilled technicians provide orthodontics, dentures and general dentistry in a comfortable, professional environment. Contact us today to learn more about dental implants or to schedule an appointment!

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