Common Procedures Covered by Dental Insurance in Las Vegas

A Plus Dental Group Las Vegas dental insuranceGetting the dental care you need is incredibly important, no matter what your financial situation is. However, having things covered by insurance can help you get the care you need. Knowing which common procedures are usually covered by dental insurance will help you plan for your care. 

Check-Ups and Cleaning

For the most part, check-ups and cleanings will be covered by your insurance. These will be the most common procedures you will get and generally happen at most appointments. They are the first steps in quality dental care and are essential for good oral health. 


Should you have any cavities, your fillings will usually be covered by your insurance. These are crucial because they help prevent further deterioration and infections. Having them covered by your insurance ensures that you don’t develop any serious issues with your teeth. 


If you end up needing an extraction, it will most likely be covered by your dental insurance. However, the tooth replacement may not be covered, which can be a concern for some people. Being able to plan for the replacement can be very helpful and will allow you to save what you need if it isn’t going to be covered by your insurance. 

Need Procedures Covered by Your Dental Insurance in Las Vegas?

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